Lay vs Lie

Lay vs Lie


All Hail the Power of the Mighty Cinnamonsugar Churro Rocket

Check out this article Business Insider detailing a high school senior’s acceptance into 5 Ivy League schools and Stanford.

Taking Notes by Hand

It seems that taking notes by hand is superior to any alternative or electronic form of note-taking. So now I know all of you are playing Crossy Road and sending Snapchats.

I Couldn’t Pull This Off

Article from the Chronicle of Higher Education.


Free Stuff! 

Granted, the textbooks for my class aren’t as outrageous as others I’ve seen (less than $100 in total), but there’s never anything wrong with free.

Unless it’s that future textbook I write.

Are There Free (Open) Textbooks Available?

7 Words that Evolved from Mistakes

Check out the list here.

A Data Analyst’s Take on Shakespeare

Data research analyst Martin Grandjean created an infographic that dissects Shakespearean tragedies.

The Ultimate Grammar Cheat Sheet for Those Who Didnt Listen in School

A relatively large infographic.

What’s the Difference Between A While and Awhile?

Check out this blog post from the folks at


A Poem of Punctuation

Read it on Brainpickings