I Couldn’t Pull This Off

Article from the Chronicle of Higher Education.



Free Stuff! 

Granted, the textbooks for my class aren’t as outrageous as others I’ve seen (less than $100 in total), but there’s never anything wrong with free.

Unless it’s that future textbook I write.

Are There Free (Open) Textbooks Available?

When Less Is More

This study suggests that students respond not to a high quantity of writing assignments, but to fewer—albeit higher quality—writing assignments. 

Science and Art Are Not Separate Disciplines, Says Brian Greene

Artists and scientists alike strive “to figure out the deep truths of reality,” explains physicist Brian Greene. The ways they pursue that goal are different, but there’s no reason why two segments of society seeking answers can’t work together.…

Science and Art Are Not Separate Disciplines, Says Brian Greene (Click for video)