Lay vs Lie

Lay vs Lie


All Hail the Power of the Mighty Cinnamonsugar Churro Rocket

Check out this article Business Insider detailing a high school senior’s acceptance into 5 Ivy League schools and Stanford.

A Data Analyst’s Take on Shakespeare

Data research analyst Martin Grandjean created an infographic that dissects Shakespearean tragedies.

What’s the Difference Between A While and Awhile?

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A Poem of Punctuation

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The Most Misused Words in English 

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W.H. Auden’s 1941 Literature Syllabus

In case anyone thought a couple of textbooks were too much.

Link to Openculture

Using Contractions in Formal Writing

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10 Shakespearean Terms of Endearment

Another blog post from

How Literature Inspires Empathy
Joe Fassler,

The Egyptian writer and activist Alaa Al Aswany explains how one word in Dostoyevsky’s novel The House of the Dead showed him how literature can help us understand one another.

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